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Yup, I get busy. But I don’t want to be neglectful either so … here I am. =)
Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Hi folks!

I’ve been a little scarce on all the web stuff for a while … apologies on that! I’ll confess, I’m not the best with all of this “always connected” stuff. Sometimes it just feels like a little much, and I need to put it down for a while.

And then there’s work, and traveling gigs, and practicing … and the inevitable laziness that’ll follow heavily busy periods. Hey, everyone’s gotta recharge a little, right? (Thank you HBO, and now Disney Plus.)

Well, with New Year’s and all that, it’s a good time to reboot things a little. Stand by for updates with my playing endeavors, as well as hopefully more articles and content relating to all the cool stuff that’s out there for piping.

Cheers & Chunes!

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